Cute and sexy. It definitely made it a necessity to read the rest of this series. This was a “New 2 me” author, so as always, despite glowing recommendations, I went in with a small amount of trepidation. I am not the easiest person to please, I’m slightly jaded and know what I like.

Undenied read like Sara Humphreys had my checklist in her hand. An intriguing, well written story that pulls me in so I am in the world of the characters. Check. A hero that’s alpha to his core and that I want to tie to my bed for a very long, long time. Check. A heroine, who though quirky, is not some screaming ninny and actually has working brain cells. Check. Enough sizzle to keep me squirming. Check. 

The story of Boris and Lillian, while not the beginning of the Amoveo series, was an absolutely perfect introduction and way to get my feet wet. It was just enough to let me know I wanted more and I wanted it yesterday. Sara Humphreys has created a fascinating world of shifter clans on the brink of war and the demolition of old, outdated customs. She has executed a fantasy world that blends just the right mixture of drama, humor, heartache, and new beginnings. Well done, Ms. Humphreys, well done.


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