I had followed Amber Kallyn’s Dragos series. While I enjoyed these books, they fell into a very specific niche. This is what I expected from Bloodstorm. I expected it to be a enjoyable, quick read that I didn’t have to invest too much into. Well, shame on me. This was a complete break from what I had come to expect from Ms. Kallyn. This was not a simple quickie read. It was dark, very intense and had me utterly involved. The story was well thought out with multiple threads that were woven with an expert hand.

The heroine, Niki is a vampire on the hunt for her sire. Not for a cuddly reunion, she seeks vengeance for the murder of her family. It is her only reason for existence. She has spent 200 years seeking her vengeance, eschewing all relationships along the way. That is about to end.

Shane is a sheriff dealing with an obvious vampire murder, a failing truce between the vamps and weres, and an inexplicable attraction to his main suspect. Even though he has a long history in dealing with the supernatural, he harbors a deep belief that species shouldn’t mix. He is finding it extremely difficult to practice what he preaches.

I wouldn’t have changed a thing about this book. Not only did I come to care about Niki and Shane, but there were several secondary characters I became more than a little attached to. The romantic thread, while predominant, in no way overpowered the story. The love scenes were powerful but carefully sprinkled throughout the story in appropriate places, so as to enhance the reading experience. Book two of the series, Hungerstorm has a prominent place in my TBR que and I am hoping to get to it very soon.


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