While I am familiar with Elisabeth Naughton’s wonderful Eternal Guardian series, this Firebrand series was unknown to me. Not anymore. For me it was written in a totally different, sexier style. This story is about an enslaved djinn, Tariq, who is sent to the human realm as a sexual slave to corrupt human souls that feed his evil master. His latest victim is Mira, who is very different than what he’s used to and causes Tariq to face a heartbreaking quandary that will tear him apart no matter which path he chooses.

Mira was a dynamo in the office, but she lacked confidence in her personnel life. Secretly longing for her boss, Mira decides she needs a surrogate to teach her the art of seduction. Guess who pops in to fulfill her wish. Mira was a heroine who was definitely up to my high standards. While she wasn’t silly enough to just take everything at face value, she did go into the situation with an open mind. Mira eventually earns her stripes big time *Yay! You go girl*.

Since this was such a short read, I really didn’t expect to get very involved with any of the characters, but by the end of this marvelous little book, my stomach was in knots over the plight of Tariq and his brothers. There was so much packed into Bound to Seduction that it told the tale of a much longer book. There was no skimpimg on any of the elements, character development, plot and sub-plots, dialogue and smooth flowing POV’s, and the hotness was plentiful and off the charts. I honestly don’t know how Ms. Naughton accomplished so much with so few words, but I am so glad she worked her magic. This is a sure fire lure to guarantee that I will read the next book in the Firebrand series.


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