[ Well, it took me a good 24 hours to recover from the eye twitch that the ending of this book gave me. There I was reading along, happy, happy, joy, joy…. Than BAM, right between the eyes with a sledge hammer. I’m not going into details here, but like I said, BAM. (hide spoiler)]

There is a legend about a secretive race of cat shifters called the Pantera. The Pantera it is said, live deep in the Louisiana bayous, where young women are lured away, never to be seen again. This is the basis for a new series of PNR books called Bayou Heat. The first book deals with Raphael. He is the most human of his clan, able to move among humans with ease. He is a member of their diplomatic corp and the most in control of his inner puma.

Ashe has just discovered she is six weeks pregnant. She doesn’t remember having sex with anyone in that time frame, so she is basically waiting for a star to rise in the east. When Raphael is revealed to be the father, Ashe is thrust into a supernatural world that is frightening and welcoming at the same time.

Book two deals with Parish. Parish is the leader of the Pantera hunters. He has more reason than most to hate humans. They are responsible for the death of his only family. More comfortable in his animal form, Parish is charged with finding a human doctor to help with Ashe’s unborn child.

Julia is an exceptional obstetrician whose life has taken a decidedly downward turn. Having found her fiance in bed with one of her nurses, she is subsequently thrown out of her house and her job. If that wasn’t enough she finds herself kidnapped by a delusional man who claims to be part animal. It’s a shame he’s psychotic because he is gorgeous.

Both Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright took their gloves off when writing Bayou Heat. This book is unapologetic in it’s attempt to lull the reader into believing they are enjoying a very sexy, superbly written, lovely little story. The reader has no idea that they are about to enter the world of heartrending “say WHAT???”. It is very, very difficult to catch me by surprise. They not only caught me, but they trussed me up and threw a ball gag in my mouth. So of course I immediately started Bayou Heat Bayon/ Jean-Baptiste. So far my heart hasn’t made the return trip from the floor yet. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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