Ok, this is me reading Bayon/ Jean-Baptiste. La,la,la,la, ooooh hot and sexy, la,la,la,la, mmmmm, more hot and sexy, la,la ….wait….what???? That can’t be the end!! Ahhhhhhhh!! THE HUMANITY!!! I mean seriously, I fell for it again. D’oh! That being said, I can say with out any doubt that I have never enjoyed being stabbed in the heart quite as much.

The whole legend of the Pantera and their failing magic is continued in Bayon/ Jean-Baptiste. Bayon is searching for the villain who harmed Ashe and her unborn child. The child that may be the sole hope of saving the Pantera. Bayon is thrown off the search when he finds the woman he thought was dead for 25 years. She has been tortured and is mentally fractured, but Bayon knows he has found his mate and she may hold the answers they need to finally stop the hidden enemy.

Jean-Baptiste is a born Nurturer for the Pantera. He specializes in helping Pantera whose inner Puma has gone feral. Jean-Baptist has a secret he’s been trying to deal with. He has lost control of his cat and has taken extreme measures to maintain a grip. Unfortunately with the trouble the clan is having, Jean- Baptiste is pulled into duty and he is paired with a straight laced, hard nosed suit, Genevieve Burel (Remember that last name). An ill-timed but undeniable attraction flares between the two Pantera, but if they give in to their desires, it could have deadly consequences.

I love this series, but then again, I must be a masochist, because this book puts you through the ringer. Both Ms. Ivy and Ms. Wright have perfected the formula for lulling the reader into a false sense of HEA and then beating them over the head with uncertainty. I hereby dub these authors as the Queens of Cliffhangers.


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