Nicholas Roman is the middle brother in the trio of Alexander, Nicholas and Lucian. He is the peacemaker, the level head that prevails……the good brother. Um, not. Nicky has secrets. Big whopping secrets.

To quote the author, Laura Wright “le sigh”. I have been on pins and needles waiting Nicky’s book. Oh, it was soooooo worth the wait. I guess some things are better done slowly. Laura has managed to surpass all expectations with this installment to the Roman Brothers saga, and I already had monumental expectations.

Nicky’s character has definitely been keeping SHOCKING secrets, but these secrets allow the reader to understand some of his more boneheaded moves in this book. Kate perplexed me for a bit, is she cold or just traumatized? The other Roman brothers, Lucian (my fave) and Alexander are stars as always. Gray is still coming to terms with his emergence as an Impure. And the Breeding Male comes out of hiding. Nice plot development.

This was a smoking hot book. The love scenes in this novel put Laura in Lora Leigh and Emma Holly territory. I am so approving of this graphic style of writing, but definitely don’t lend this to grandma.

Unless she’s like me of course.


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