Olivia was born a slave to the most influential vampire family in the world. Lucian Santoro was the heir apparent to his father’s seat on the Council, but none of that mattered. Olivia and Lucian knew they were destined to be mated for all eternity. If only life were fair. Ripped apart by deceit and conspiracies, can anything bring these two together again?

This is why I read sooooo many books. So that I can find that one shining example of what a GREAT romance should be. I can’t begin to express how absolutely enthralled I am of this new series. I want to have an affair with this book. It had everything. Compelling characters, great storylines, some of the best humor ever, off the charts sex, and the emotions it pulls from the reader, OMG, I had to grab a box of Kleenex to keep beside me.

It tackled extremely relevant issues without being at all preachy. It was very up to date and modern. I have read, perhaps thousands of books, from authors on best seller lists that did not come close to the sheer genius of this work. What impressed me the most, if I could pick one thing, is the realistic actions of the characters. Whether paranormal or human, I could envision people reacting exactly as the characters did in this book. That’s the key, everything was so natural. This author’s vision for her world is spot on.

The characterization in this novel is unparalleled. I fell in love with every new character introduced. I was already anticipating their books. The pairings and options were mind boggling, but oh so tantalizing. There was not one detail this author missed in crafting such a superb tale.

Whether or not you are a fan of paranormal romance, this book transcends all categories. This is a MUST read for any fan of terrific writing. I personally cannot wait for the next book in this series, and it definitely will go on my favorite and multiple rereads shelf.I have reread this book so many times since I originally reviewed it earlier in the year and it never loses a step. This is my clear cut pick for best PNR of 2011, and if Kaden’s book is even a scimption as enthralling then the literary world has been twice blessed.


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