When I’m in the mood for a good chuckle accompanied by some serious tingles, I know I can always turn to Eve Langlais. She has never disappointed me, and I am a connoisseur of her work. She has a remarkable talent of taking extraordinary characters, some of the hottest sex scenes and humorous plot lines, then combining them into truly memorable stories. Date With Death continues her winning streak.

Mictain is a retired Aztec god who now works as a soul reaper for his good friend Lucifer (who is quite the matchmaker). Marigold is a witch on the verge of making a fatal mistake. When Marigold spies Mictain waiting for her to accidentally imbibe a poison potion, sex and hilarity ensue.

Marigold is a woman who is completely happy and content with herself and her sexuality. Mictain is intrigued by her ability to see him and her deliciously voluptuous body. I love books where the hero has to work for his lady and believe me Marigold makes him work for it. With great supporting characters like Lucifer, Mother Nature and Zeus, this is a book I highly recommend to adults looking to put a smile on their face.


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