Wow!! Great story. This book starts on a unique premise of an age old race hidden amongst humans known as Calydons. This race is policed by the Order, a small group of basically immortal warriors who enforce the very strict list of no-nos that Calydons must live by. The biggie is that if a Calydon male finds his Sheva (his soul mate)and bonds with her, then he or his Sheva (sometimes both) will be killed because legend states the the male will turn into a murderous, insane rogue once the bond is complete. Rough, huh?

Quinn is an Order enforcer, he killed his uncle and many friends along with their shevas as his duty dictated. His loyalty to the Order is unbreakable. He is cold, unemotional and will not be deterred in carrying out his duty. Or so he believes.

Grace is determined to enlist Quinn’s aid in finding her sister, Ana. She has no need of any emotional entanglements. She just wants her sister back. Fate has other ideas. A loner by nature, Grace is harboring a deadly secret that ensures she will always be alone.

Stephanie Rowe has definitely come into her own with this series. Darkness Awakened was a real page turner. The characters were wonderfully developed and interesting. The story was fast paced and held my complete interest from first sentence to last. The romantic thread was intense, hot and enhanced the overall story exponentially. I fell in love with all the Calydons of the Order and can not wait to dig in to their books. I recommend this book without reservations.


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