I loooove this series soooo frickin much!!! From the moment I first read Lover’s Betrayal as a novice reviewer for a rather well known site, I said to myself, “Self, This is what you’ve been waiting for!”. An indie author who has the talent to compete with the Sherrilyn Kenyons and J R Wards (both of whom I worship) of the publishing world. Arctic Prison, the third book of the series, merely proves I was right. There were some minor editing problems, and I know there are a few highbrows out there that will scream bloody murder over this. For those of us without a stick up their butt and who are in it for the story, well this book just rocks.

The Misfits of the Lore deals with supernatural beings of every make, model and color. Don’t be fooled though, this is not a copy cat, jump on the paranormal bandwagon book. The hero of Arctic Prison, Julian, is a major character from the first two books. He was not a very sympathetic character until now. Julian’s story broke my heart and I was teary (if not downright bawling) for several pages. Then Ms. Hopkins changes gears and you actually bust out laughing. Bless her heart, it was such a roller coaster ride. The heat content is high but not overpowering and is served as a delicious side dish to the main entrée, the fabulous story. I can not sing the praises of this author or this series enough. PLEASE READ THIS SERIES!!


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