Gabriel, former messenger for “The Old Man”, is one of the favored four, a group of for Archangels who reside on Earth to search for their Archesses. Gabriel has chosen to make his primary residence in Scotland because of the strong pull and connection he feels for the land and it’s people. Known as a bit of a ladies man, he is at the local pub when he spots his Archess across the room. Acting on pure instinct, he grabs her a lays a big wet one on the shocked woman.

Juliette is in Scotland doing research for her doctorate and to consult on a film about the history and legends of Scotland. When a gorgeous stranger grabs her and gives her the best kiss of her life, she is a bit freaked out. Doing what any sane woman would do, Juliette takes off for safer ground. She is totally unaware of her divine fate and that she is the target of a determined archangel, a group of evil angels who crave her powers, and Samael, the Morningstar.

I adore this series, and had unreasonably high expectations. It not only met but it surpassed them. I was immediately reminded of why I fell in love with this group of four in the first place. There was no long period of me trying to jog my memory. It all came flying back and I fell even more in love. Gabriel, with his wonderful brogue, is a perfect hero. While being thoroughly captivated by his Archess, he manages to utterly make a mess of things. This makes for a sometimes funny, a sometimes angst ridden, but always interesting tale.

Juliette was a strong minded and powerful heroine. She doesn’t automatically fall at the feet of the sexy but altogether strange man who seems obsessed with her. Coming into her own formidable powers, she handles the bizarre turn her life has taken with grace and strength. Juliette and Gabriel’s story is one for the ages and a book I highly recommend, as is the entire series. I promise you will not be disappointed.


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