Zachary Goldman is a bad boy who’s made it good, but not without some very hard lessons. Zachary has learned not to trust all but a very select few. When one of his circle goes missing, Zach takes on the job of finding her. Little does he know that everything he believes is about to be blown to bits.

Sloane Swift has enough secrets to fill a bank vault, she also has a truckload of guilt to go along with it. Convinced she can’t be trusted not to hurt those she comes into contact with, Sloane keeps to herself. When she is pulled into the disappearance of her friend and employee, she has no choice but to put her trust and secrets in Zach’s hands.

Two minutes after I agreed to read and review this book I was kicking myself. I was already backed up, I was exhausted and getting the beginnings of a summer cold. I was positive I wouldn’t be able to give the book a fair shot. HA! Didn’t Misty Dietz just shock the mess out of this tired ol’ romance junkie. Not only did this book hold me spellbound, but I read it in one night. From the first page, I was all over Zach. Damaged, but trying to be as good as his mentor and friend believed him to be, Zach won my heart. With an overdeveloped sense of responsibility, Zach is determined to take the weight of the world on his shoulders. *sigh* The journey he and Sloane undertake is as emotionally raw as any I have ever read. The action is fast and furious. It keeps you guessing and second guessing throughout the entire book. The chemistry between Zach and Sloane is explosive and beautiful. There is also a mild paranormal element which just put the cherry on top. All in all, Come Hell or High Desire was a welcome surprise and a book I definitely recommend.


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