A Happy Discovery

imageDue to an unrequited love, Drew is now a soul broker for an evil demoness in the bowels of hell. It is his duty to gain souls by offering to give them the love of the person they long for. When not on the mortal plane, Drew is chained with his other brokers and subjected to the most horrible of tortures.

Mackenzie is hustling down the street with her arms loaded with groceries when she is literally knocked off her feet by a gorgeous stranger. Feeling an instant connection, Mackenzie agrees to have coffee with the man. Acting completely out of character, she has a wonderful night filled with passion with a man she just met. Is it surprising that his has disappeared without a trace the next morning?

I bought this book with no expectations, but thought the blurb presented an interesting situation. I am extremely happy to report that it was money well spent. I instantly fell for Drew (he was a tall blonde, my weakness). He hated his situation but had given up hope of ever gaining his freedom. Of course this pulled at my heart strings since his predicament was the result of love. *sigh* Mackenzie was a suitable heroine. She was strong, with hidden secrets that lead to her being a major reason people should give this book a read. There are a couple of big surprises and some really promising secondary characters. There is also just enough steamy sex to qualify Soul Broker as an erotic romance. It would not have hurt my feelings for this to have been a full length novel and hopefully this will be the beginning of a series. Tina Pollick has elevated herself to an author that I will keep an eye on. Job well done,Tina, job well done.



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